About Us

Darts lovers, hello and welcome on the bestdartboard.net website! I introduce myself: MiR Towfiq, 26 and above all, a great amateur darts player for a good ten years. After launching my darts on many targets for seven years, I decided to share my experience and, of course, my passion with my peers by creating this site.

Did you know that darts have been played since the 15th century ? Although the origins of the game are not clearly defined, its success is indisputable. Who has not dreamed of spending a friendly evening with friends aiming bull’s eye in the neighborhood bar while drinking a few drinks? This innocuous little game has even found itself in the family domain , fun big and small in a warm atmosphere. Darts have even managed to take an international and professional dimension through official championships.

But here, to play, you have to find the right game . Professionals will be very demanding vis-à-vis the norms and official regulations whereas the amateurs will seek to find a model of good quality, durable and affordable . Be that as it may, the choice will not be as easy as one can believe, especially when one comes across a flourishing supply in which one can easily get lost .

On this site, I share my experience and my research on the field . Shopping guides, ranking of the best products on the market and practical advice are freely available . I also perform many tests on selected models on the market. All the detailed characteristics of each model , but also my opinions on their quality are presented in these tests. In the site’s blog , you might find practical tips and tricks to better choose, but also to discover this discipline, train better, evolve and refine its technique .

I am also ready to answer all the questions that tickle you on the game, but also on the purchase of a good game of darts. To send me your messages, go to the contact page of the site by clicking here .